Sweet Celebrations Tricks to Cut Down on Clean Up

Sweet Celebrations Tricks to Cut Down on Clean Up

Whether it’s due to environmental considerations or the inconvenience of cleaning up, reducing the amount of waste involved in a party is important to Sweet Celebrations kids’ party planners. It’s not easy either. We offer a variety of activities including children’s makeovers, manicures, fashion shows, and, of course, children’s catering, all of which result in a sufficient amount of clean up time.

Here are some fun tips to minimize waste in your future party planning.

1. Plan for foods without utensils. Sweet Celebrations serves delicious treats that are silverware free! This can be anything from cupcakes to the classic finger food associated with Tea Parties.


2. Reusable plates! Every silver platter or champagne flute that we serve at Sweet Celebrations children’s boutique is always carefully hand washed by our attentive staff after each party.

3. Cloth table covers don’t only protect the table from cupcake icing of our children’s bakery or the overly eager manicured fingers from our kids’ beauty salon. They are also a luxurious way for us to minimize waste that would come with disposable table cloths that other birthday parties might use.


4. Wardrobe changes in our children’s fashion show and princess parties allow for kids to feel like a superstar without having to go shopping for new clothes at the store. This gives your child all the experience with none of the waste—which is always worth celebrating!

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