Let’s Play Dress Up!

Halloween isn’t the only time of year kids should dress up! A birthday is the perfect time of year to celebrate by transforming into a superhero or even get your glam on! The benefits of dress up time for kids of all ages are fun-tastic!


Dress up encourages creativity and stirs up a child’s imagination. They come up with stories as they turn into their favorite character. Superhero’s can have their own different super powers and always feel a sense of bravery from protecting others. Princesses are strong, adventurous and have the great responsibility of being a good example for other people in their kingdom.


Dressing up also builds bonds between kids. The independence and freedom they experience while turning into characters is oh- so magical! Children can get to know each other through this simple and fun activity.


Finally, language skills are greatly improved through dress up and impersonating their favorite characters. Princesses and superheroes use different languages, accents. and sometimes even talk in code.


To learn more about Sweet Celebration Parties – and all of our dress up supplies give us call or check out our website.

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