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As small business, Sweet Celebration Parties truly thrives from the support of our community. If you are looking to give back to small businesses like ours, here’s how you can help!

Supporting our small biz🥳 Book a party now for later – While your little one may not be able to celebrate their birthday now with their buddies, when you book a party now you can select a date as far out as December to secure a special day for them to celebrate with friends. We also are offering a date change guarantee, so that if you need to adjust the date, no change fees will be applied. ✍️ Leave us a review – From Facebook and Google to Yelp, all of your love and support via a review really goes a long way! 💜 Follow us – We’re currently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 👍 Like, Share & Tag our posts with friends – Know of other friends with kiddos who would LOVE what we do? Like and share our posts or tag your friends to help us get the word out, so that when we do open again, we’ll have so many wonderful people to celebrate with!

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