Princess Pick of the Month – Beauty Princess

Back to school season is in full swing and we’re all starting to experience the Autumn chill. Let’s celebrate this month by getting to know the bookworm of our princess line-up, our Beauty Princess! What party is complete without a princess appearance? 


A Princess Add-on to either our Glam or Tea Party adds the most magical touch to make your child’s day truly special. Get to know our princess pick of the month, our Beauty Princess!






Our Beauty Princess is completely stunning in her glittering, gold, ball gown! She loves to sing along with all the birthday boys and girls before reading some of her favorite stories. She would be delighted to attend your child’s Sweet Celebration to entertain Guests with her enchanted tale and lovely singing voice!


All of our Princess Appearances include:

  • Coronation for the Birthday Child 
  • Musical Solo Princess Performance 
  • Sing-Along Time
  • Princess & Prince Etiquette Lesson
  • Birthday Celebration in our Sparkle Cafe
  • Story Time
  • Photo Time
  • Gift from the Princess





Our Beauty Princess will be at your Sweet Celebration for 30 minutes in the middle of your party and are sure to wow guests with their magical performance and storytelling. Celebrate together in the Sparkle Cafe and don’t forget to take photos to remember the special day. 


beauty-princessYou can also book a 1-on-1 Princess Party Experience for just your little one and maybe one or two of their friends to enjoy if you’re looking for a more intimate meet and greet experience in Colorado Springs. 


For our private 1-on-1 Princess Party Experiences, your child will enjoy an hour-long Princess Party, including a makeover done by your child’s favorite fairytale Princess!


To check out more of our Princesses, you can see our full cast here or to view other party options, you can click here.

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