Positive Role Models for Children: How a Princess Party at Sweet Celebrations Builds Character

What is more inspiring than women confronting adversity with compassion, grace, and a catchy sing-along soundtrack? Whether from storybooks, movies, or TV shows, princesses serve as heroes to many young girls and boys. The princesses at Sweet Celebrations are no different. That is why our Princess and Me children’s party package intentionally promotes themes of respect, kindness, honesty, bravery, and perseverance to bolster the character of your child.

With each princess appearance, our princesses encourage your child to strive towards these values. If you add a princess to your tea party, bakery party, fashion show or spa party, our kids’ party planners will arrange for your child to be mentored by her favorite princess. While they and their friends dress up like royalty, sip on berry tea, read stories, and sing songs, princesses will guide them in the arts of courtesy and compassion. When the etiquette lesson is finally done, your child will have the opportunity to be crowned a princess (or prince) themselves in our coronation ceremony.

In each ceremony, birthday guests promise to be kind to all, to stand up for themselves and others, to respect parents (AKA King and Queen), and to always do the right thing. These statements empower birthday girls and boys to live with dignity and honor. The royal oath concludes, “I am strong, kind, and brave. I am a princess!” In this way, our princess characters hope to encourage the good character of your child. If you want to remind your child that they are all of these things and so much more, consider adding a princess to your next Sweet Celebrations Party Package!

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