Holiday Nail Trends

Scarfs and hats and mittens – oh my! With the winter weather already making itself comfortable in Colorado Springs, we understand it can be hard to still feel elegant and beautiful underneath the layers of wool and wicking.


Nail polish is one of the easiest ways to show your glamorous side without sacrificing anything to the cold! This time of year is great to showcase rich, deep and glitzy colors that might have been buried from the previous seasons like reds, purples, golds and silvers that go great with comfy sweaters, or your child’s favorite princess dress.

Holiday Nail TrendsHere is a list of some of our favorite colors this holiday season:


  • Ruby red is a vibrant and stunning choice of color for this time of year. This festive shade is flattering with any outfit without being too much. We would recommend this shade with our Spa Party for an extra elegant touch.


  • Glitzy gold wows and dazzles without overshadowing your natural sparkle! This shade is perfect for the holidays and any gathering you or your little one will be attending or hosting. We would recommend this shade with our Sweet Super Stars Party to add the perfect finishing touches to a great outfit.


  • Plum purple is a timeless go-to color this season. Whether you’re hosting a party or playing princess dress up, purple is seen as a regal color and is versatile for any outfit or occasion. We would recommend this shade for our Sweet Shoppe Bakery Party to add another level of decadence.


  • Stunning silver allows you to make a simple statement without overwhelming your other beautiful features! Who doesn’t love a simple sparkle to add a little pop? We recommend this color for our Sweet Tea Party to add some extra sparkle to your already elegant self.

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