A Fabulous Girl Scout Troop Award Party


Sweet Celebration Parties welcomes Girl Scout troops to come together at our party boutique. We’ve got experiences designed for Daisies, Brownies and Cadets to earn badges and bond as a troop. Here are a few ideas of how you can earn badges at Sweet Celebration Parties in Colorado Springs.


Tea Party Badge


Join the scouts together for an hour and half Tea Party to earn their “Tea! The World in Your Cup,” badge. The Girl Scouts handbook says to earn the badge girls will go on a journey of tea, “expanding your world from the perspective of a simple leaf that became so important that it changed the course of history and has stayed with us as a much-loved beverage today.” Sweet Celebration Parties will serve each guest warm berry teas in elegant china. Troop leaders can teach the Scouts about formal tea customs to include how to properly stir your tea. Proper etiquette is to move your spoon back and forth from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock. To make the experience super special, Girl Scouts can choose accessories from our Celebrations Wardrobe like fancy hats, party dresses and feather boas. Sweet Celebration Parties hostesses will also snap a ton of group photos in front of our fabulous glitter wall photo backdrops- great for instagram.


Spa Day Badge


The “Heart of the South Spa Day” badge are a Girl Scouts favorite to earn. We can’t blame them! Badges are awards girls earn by completing skill-building activities. There are level-appropriate badges for Daisies, Brownies and Cadets. Sweet Celebration Parties can host an event for any of the Scout levels and what could be more fun than having a girls day pampering yourself during our Spa Party Experience? We’ve got posh spa robes ready and waiting for the girl scouts of Colorado Springs. Upon arrival, the girls are greeted by calming spa music. They’ll unwind with relaxing hand massages and warm towels, and warm foot soaks with soothing massage stones. While in our style station, girls will indulge in mini-manis.

Bakery Party


Baking Fun Badge Earning a baking fun badge is easy to do at Sweet Celebration Parties and there’s no mess for troop leaders and parents to clean up – our staff do all of the prep and cleaning for you. The Girl Scouts organization created the Baking Fun Badge to encourage children to spend more time in the kitchen. Leaders say cooking is a healthy way to provide children with kitchen skills they will need to have as adults. Girl Scouts will each get an apron until arrival at the Sweet Celebration Parties’ Sparkle Cafe. They’ll decorate desserts from our Decadent Dessert Bar. The scouts can enjoy tasting their work together and bring a few bites home to share with friends or family. Bakery Parties always end with a group photo in front of our glitter wall! Sweet Celebration Parties hostesses can take one with frosting faces and fingers and one after clean-up!


Five Girl Scouts are included in our base price for each scout party and more girls can always be added for an additional fee. Please reference your Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting Handbook or ask your current troop leader about current requirements for badges. Give us a call today 719.225.2110 to talk more about special requests for your troop.

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